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PreK-6 Services

Tailored and Measured Tutoring Services

We offer tutoring services tailored to the needs of your students. Each client is assessed upon entry into the program and services are scheduled to fit the needs of the individual. Clients are reassessed every 6 week period to make sure that services grow with the progress of each child. We also track the progress of each client to monitor growth and success.

Spanish Services

ELL Spanish/English Services

Taught by a certified bilingual educator our ELL services are designed to help those looking to sharpen their English Language skills to prepare and equip our clients for daily interactions.

Beginners Spanish

This service is also taught by a certified bilingual educator to help our English speaking community interact with our Spanish speaking community.

GED/Workforce Services

GED /ACT Prep and Testing Strategies

Our GED program helps prepare adults who have entered the workforce for successful completion of GED courses, preparation to take the GED assessments, and take the GED test all in the same learning environment.  We also assist high school students with preparing for the ACT.

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